• "A beautifully written tale that lives somewhere between landscape and memory, where regret becomes a prison, and a story told often enough becomes truth."

    Brunonia Barry, Author
    The Lace Reader

  • "Lyrical descriptions and graceful narrative pacing will remind readers of the work of novelist Marilynne Robinson."

    Elizabeth Nunez, Author
    Anna In-Between

  • "The author gives spirited voices to the voiceless . . . with deft, vigorous, and revelatory prose that penetrate the joys and uncertainties of the human heart."

    Regina O'Melveny, Author
    The Book of Madness and Cures

  • "A poignant blend of the magical, mystical, and factual."

    Myra Armstead, Author
    Freedom's Gardener

  • "Wade does with words what Turner and Constable did with paint. . . . a wise and haunting debut."

    Charlotte Rogan, Author
    The Life Boat

  • ...a spellbinding depiction of the hardships faced by a woman fighting her own war of independence.

    Kirkus Reviews